Virtual Production Studio, AR/VR LABS

It’s all about the STORY. Do you have a story in you? If so, we want you!

Welcome to a new era of storytelling. Never before has there been a time when the

digital toolsets for crafting engaging, immersive, and compelling stories was this

affordable, and, as user friendly as it is today.

CMII is a mind-altering, media maker laboratory filled with the newest, and hippest

digital technologies available in the world today.

Our mission is simply to empower the storytellers of the future by teaching you how

to craft a good story, and then how to execute it in the proper medium. Our

storytellers will find career opportunities in a global market that reaches into all

industries. augmented-reality-


Production Options: you will be able to tell your stories in documentary style, or by

building magical worlds inhabited with 3D characters, or, perhaps you want to tell

your story by bringing magical elements into to the real world. Everything you will

need is now within reach.

The New Mediums: Virtual Production, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and are

new mediums in which you can craft your stories today. Mixed Reality is still