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Shiraj Pokharel

2CI New Media Fellow

Shiraj Pokharel is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science with a research interest in Data Visualizations and Data Science and a Creative Media Industries Institute New and Emerging Media Fellow at Georgia State University from Fall 2015. His academic areas of interest include Data Visualization, Algorithms, Machine Learning , Analytics, and Data Modeling and is developing an interest in digital humanities.

Shiraj aims to narrow down his research focus in course of his graduate studies at Georgia State and plans to undertake active research in the areas of spatio-temporal data visualization and Natural Language Processing based big data analytics. He is currently researching empirical models of natural language processing and digital scholarship in the humanities.

Additionally, Shiraj has worked as a Research Assistant on analyzing and improvising various algorithms for use in visualizations and as a teaching assistant for undergraduate courses in the Computer Science Department at Georgia State University.