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Jason Derby

2CI New Media Fellow

Jason Derby is doctoral candidate in the Rhetoric and Politics program in the Department of Communication. His research is interests lie at the intersection of rhetorical theory, new media, and critical theory and are connected to the ways in which individuals navigate life within liberal societies. He is currently working on a dissertation mapping the various networks of social life that constitute the surveilled subject and structure the political possibilities of life in the age of the surveillance industrial complex. He is also interested in the diffusion of paranoia and conspiracy theories across new media platforms. Situating them as important forms of knowledge production these practices inform his thinking about the relationship between public emotion and the post 9/11 security state.

Over the course of his tenure with the CMII, Jason has worked on several projects investigating the expression of collective memory as expressed through traumatic events. With his colleagues in the cluster, Jason has work to develop methods for tracking trauma within large data sets. Jason has presented his work at several conferences including the Organization of International Electrical and Electronics Engineers, National Communication Association, the Society for the Social Studies of Science, and the International Surveillance Studies Conference. Jason has taught courses on media literacy, civic participation, and advanced argumentation and debate. Jason loves to hear new conspiracy theories and his favorite conspiracy deals with the Apollo moon landing.