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Georgia Film Academy

Join Georgia’s exciting $7 billion film industry working on one of the sets of the more than 250 film and TV productions shot in the State this year. As the third largest production center in the nation, Georgia boasts of a workforce with more than 100,000 people tied directly or indirectly to this growing part of the economy.

With average salaries at $84,000 per year and many in the industry making more than $150,000, certified on-set production employees are in high demand. Now, Georgia State University’s Creative Media Industries Institute offers an 12 credit hour program which will train you to be job-ready upon graduation. In partnership with the Georgia Film Academy, the Creative Media Industries Institute will even help you secure that first internship.

Our On-Set Film Production Certificate was designed by Hollywood “insiders” and can prepare you to enter the workforce after two semesters. Upon completion of this coursework, you will receive a Certificate in Film Production from Georgia State University, Georgia Film Academy Certification, and will be placed in the GFA workforce database. Want to learn more? Then read on!

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Creative Media Industries Institute
The Creative Media Industries Institute has three core missions. First, we connect Georgia State University students with media and creative industry technologies so that they graduate ready for a career. Second, we are developing systems of support for media entrepreneurs. Third, we are building partnerships with local media companies – including film studios and game companies – that will generate research and economic development.

These three missions are built into our facilities – each has an entire floor of our building dedicated to it. We have hired faculty members who have deep and broad experience in the industry, and are prepared to bring that knowledge to students right away. Finally, we are building formal partnerships with regional media companies, including the Georgia Film Academy.

The Curriculum
The On-Set Film Production Certificate consists of 18 hours of academic credit. The first 6-hour course provides an introduction to the skills necessary for employment in the film/TV industry. The remaining 12 hours of courses consist of an internship and highly specialized training and skill electives that provide students with a basic level of on-set film production skills, knowledge of the film industry’s standard organizational structure, professional equipment, and on-set procedures.

The Courses
CMIS 2000 – Introduction to On-Set Film Production (6 hours)
Course Description: This course provides an introduction to the skills used in on-set film production, including all forms of narrative media which utilize film-industry-standard organizational structure, professional equipment, and on-set procedures.

CMIS 2001 – Georgia Film Academy Internship (6 hours)
Course Description: This course is designed specifically to provide students with a practical experience as a 2–day internship course. The course is a competitive program, based on performance in the intro course and availability of opportunities.